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We use eco-friendly cleaning products because we are committed to providing cleaning services that are healthy both for the people in your space and the environment.

Green Cleaning in san francisco

We provide green cleaning services that are designed to produce less waste and conserve electricity and water. Green cleaning is beneficial for everyone, from the service providing the cleaning to the individuals who use the space to the environment.

At BAGJS, we will continue in our commitment to give back and do what we can to help our planet. By working with us, your office, school, or workspace can do the same.

Why Green Cleaning?

Healthier Facilities

One of the great things about green cleaning services and products is that there are fewer chemicals involved. When harmful chemicals are used in cleaning products, they can become airborne or transfer from surfaces, potentially harming individuals in the environment.

Safer Products

Green cleaning products contain more natural cleaners and solutions as opposed to other products filled with potentially harmful chemicals. Green products help protect your skin as well as the air quality in your workspace. And oftentimes, the packaging that holds these products are designed to cut down on waste.

Better Air quality

One of the main issues with non-green cleaning are the chemicals involved. These chemicals can affect the air quality in your office or workspace, potentially leading to health and respiratory issues. Green products are free of such toxins and chemicals, meaning better air quality for your space.

environment friendly

And last but certainly not least, green cleaning is kind to our planet. The toxins that can harm us pose threats to the environment, too, particularly when it comes to air and water quality. With green cleaning, you can avoid the chemicals and pollutants in many chemical cleaners.

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